I love offering Pointillism Paint Nights or Days teaching my unique style of pointillism either in groups or individually, I’ve taught in universities, schools, and kitchens! My Zoom classes teaching the 7 Sacred Teachings using 7 of my paintings as examples is popular with schools and organizations alike.

7 Sacred Teachings

Also known as the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers, this set of teachings on human conduct towards others is said traditionally, and to this day, what is needed for communities to survive.

Using my paintings is twofold, you learn about the 7 Sacred Teachings as well as, Pointillism tips!  I conduct classes for organizations and classrooms to help integrate these principles into everyday life.  

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Pointillism Paint Classes

Using my unique style of Pointillism which I developed over the years I teach in person classes for paint nights, paint days or paint classes! I have taught one on one and to large groups and adapt my class for amateurs and university students alike. 

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